Somewhat in the same family as free bonuses are Free Spins without a deposit. Instead of having an amount deposited into your account, you get a number of free spins for a specific slot machine, but just like with a no deposit casino bonus, you also do not have to make a deposit to get your Free Spins. You simply open a new account, and then you can enter the slot machine, and here your Free Spins will usually start automatically.

What makes these Free Spins extra attractive is that many casinos have started to remove the gambling requirement from winnings from Free Spins. This means that everything you win from your free rounds is yours: you can withdraw the money or you can play your favorite games for the money – even if you prefer blackjack or roulette to slot machines. But check the rules before you get started: Some casinos still require you to play through winnings from Free Spins a certain number of times on slots before you can be paid a win.

We have collected all free Free Spins on the site’s own page, which you can find here.

Free bonus at Live Casino

Free bonus at Live Casino

A free Live Casino bonus is slightly different from other free bonuses in two areas:

In part, limits at live casinos are often high: A bonus of DKK 50 corresponds to the minimum bet on many blackjack tables. The entire bonus can therefore be used in a single hand.

The repayment percentage, on the other hand, is usually higher on table games than on slot machines: If you bet your DKK 50 again on a blackjack hand, you have almost as much chance of doubling your bonus as of losing it.

Therefore, a free Live Casino bonus can easily be more valuable than a bonus for slot machines. While on slot machines in most cases you will see your balance slowly disappear, at Live Casino with a few lucky hands you can turn a small DKK 50 bonus into a reasonable DKK 200 balance.

If you would like your Live Casino bonus to last a little longer, there are also Live games with lower limits than DKK 50. On roulette, you will often be able to bet down to DKK 5 or 10 per spin. spin, while you can find a so-called “unlimited” table where you can play for lower stakes.